Crystal Collagen Eye , lips, Neck Mask

Collagen Eye Mask

Helps in eliminating dark circles and fine lines, relieves fatigue eyes and moisturizes eye contour – 100% Collagen and other minerals present within the eye mask, speed-up cell & collagen rejuvenation. This increase the elasticity in the eye contour while reducing eye bags and problems such as dark rings & fine lines.

Powerful reduces dark circles
Powerful removes puffiness
Enriched with mousturizers
Prevent & Refine Aging


Harga Rp 10.000,-

Collagen Lip Mask 

Helps remove dead skin cells from the lips making lips soft and smooth. Highly effective in locking moisture to keep the lips hydrated and added collagen can help fill the lips fine lines to achieve a full and beautifying effect.

- Mencerahkan warna bibir
- Menghaluskan bibir
- Melembabkan bibir.

- Tempelkan pada bibir 15-20 menit, kemudian bilas sampai bersih.
- Masker dapat digunakan 1-2x
- Gunakan 1-2x/minggu utk hasil optimal
- Gunakan Dodora Nip setelah penggunaan masker utk menghasilkan bibir dengan pink merona :)

Harga 20.000


About the product

With the biometric membrane as the carrier, the Crystal Neck Mask stores powerful whitening and moistening natural extracts and highly moisturizing ingredients. Through the transdermal system, its nutriment can quickly penetrate the neck cuticle to moisturize the skin, diminish pigmentation and reduce wrinkles. In just 20 minutes, your skin will become rich, full, bright and transparent with great elasticity. Always use it, and it will improve the blood circulation and enhance the skin nutrition, making the skin soft and more elastic.

Main ingredients:

Collagen, vitamin E, Lubrajel, lavender essential oil

Using Methods

Clean the neck, and apply the neck mask for 20-30 minutes, keeping it fastened to the skin, and then remove it, rinse out and apply skincare. Use it once to twice a week or even daily if necessary.


1. The common people in need of neck care;

2. Especially suitable for the mature skins suffering from loose neck wrinkles, dryness or lack of whiteness or elasticity, as well as the neck slack after weight loss.

Harga 15000

Harga spesial untuk grosir contact us

0818 5313 80


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